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Step 1: Park somewhere nice

Okay, so the hard part is done; you've picked up your trailer from Shire Camper Trailer Hire and found a great spot to camp! Next, we just un-hook the trailer and un-pack your gear.


Step 2: Release to open

Now, we undo the primary clasps and release the top with the easy-to-operate winch. This is so fun and easy, the kids could do it while you relax! Once open, a few fasteners here and there to button it all in place and you're nearly there.


Step 3: Relax, you're home

Now all that remains is to set up the Camper as you'd like it. And there you have it. Just minutes after you park, you're all set up and ready to let the fun begin. And packing up is just as easy!



Shire Camper Trailer Hire


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Shire Camper Trailer Hire have ceased trading!
We would like to thank all our great customers over the last 5 years.
We do have quite a range of camping equpment available for sale.
Everything from an almost new Cub Off Road camper to new mattresses and cooking equipment.  If you are interested send us an email.
Happy Camping

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